AFRDI Certification

Australasian Furnishing Research and Development Institute (AFRDI) is an exclusive non-profit specialised organisation that provides testing, research, standards, and product certification for domestic and commercial furniture. 

When it comes to chair standards, you should look into investing in commercial grade chairs that are durable and can withhold a high flow environment.

Although there are plenty of options of seating, many of them do not meet the AFRDI standard. 

This standard is vital because it ensures that your chair has been tested to a high standard that is recognised throughout Australia and New Zealand.

How To Know That Your Furniture Meets The Australian and New Zealand Standards

  1. Safety.

This feature makes sure that no part of the chair can trap or injure anyone in or around the chair. It also ensures that when used appropriately, no one can fall off when the chair balance is interrupted.

  1. Sustainability And Durability.

All levels of AFRDI involve intense tests to ensure the durability and sustainability of the working chair. For a Level 6 rating an amount of force is applied 10 times for 10 seconds to simulate the following;

  • An individual with a weight of 120kg sitting on the arm of the chair.
  • From a height of 350mm, a special weight of 25kg is dropped a minimum of five (5) times onto the chair.
  • Someone standing steadily on the chair with a weight of 200kg.
  • 200,000 chairs being seated upon with individuals that weigh 120kg.
  • A 6.5kg hammer swung through the back of the side and arms of the chair.
  • The chair is being dropped a maximum of 10 times onto one of the chair legs from a far height of 450mm.

3) The Blue Tick: After a product has been AFRDI Certified it will get the Blue Tick. This represents that an outside source has independently verified and comp;ies with the Australian Standards. 

AFRDI Certification

AFRDI has stated all the criteria to be certified for the usage of various furniture and its components. The criteria are always expanded to meet the company’s demand. The criteria include all requirements for stability, ignitability, durability, function, strength, workmanship, and finish.

There are various performance levels criteria made available to the supplier within the required certification classification;

Level 4: This means it is suitable for offices, and executive use.

Level 5: It is suitable for industrial, heavy-duty, and similar applications.

Level 6: For use in military installations, police stations, and control rooms.

Swing Tags And Promotional Material

Once an item of furniture is certified, the supplier can go ahead to attach the AFRDI swing tag or certification logo. They are made available in specific quantities and colors; orange, green, and blue swing tags and other sticker forms.

On A Final Note;

The duration of certification depends totally on the product and its specification. Most times, the duration of the certificate issued last for three(3) years. When purchasing any commercial grade seating, AFRDI Certified is always a good option!