A Quick Guide To Choosing Cafe Table Bases

Cafe table bases come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and weights so knowing which sort to buy can be tricky. In addition every business has unique characteristics and style, just to add more confusion to the mix.

We have a number of table bases to choose from, so hopefully this guide will help you in your choice.

Cafe table base types

  • Round bases – These popular bases are best used with round table tops as they offer more stability than a square base would. There is also more room for customer’s feet.

  • Square bases – These are a great solution for large tables that require one or more bases and offer greater stability for a large surface area.

  • X-shaped bases – These highly functional table bases have less surface area which means that chairs can be pushed in further under the table, making them a good choice if space is limited. Because of this they’re often preferred to round or square bases.

  • Tripod bases – Similar to X-shaped bases this style of table base also allow more room for chairs. However, they are not as stable as round or square bases due to the fact that their surface area is smaller. They can however be used with any shape of table top.

  • Bolt down bases – These are designed to fix firmly to any flat surface preventing a secure connection and no table movement. It is a permanent solution, however, so don’t choose these unless you’re totally happy with your cafe layout.

Static or mobile

Another consideration is whether you want your tables to be bolted permanently to the floor or do you want to be able to move them around. Bolted tables give additional security and stability but if you want to move your tables around then several table bases come with castors for additional manouevrability.

How many bases?

This depends on the size of the table and the base type as even the larger bases have a limit to how much overhang they can cope with. There are several base types which require at least two to be used, including T base styles. All base manufacturers should state the maximum table size for each particular


If you’re at all unsure about which table bases are suited for your particular table tops then our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to assist you. With their experience and knowledge they can offer expert advice and guidance should you require it. If you need any more information about any of our table bases or other products then please give Cafe Chairs Melbourne a call on 07 3205 1616 or visit our showrooms to view our table bases first hand.