6 Great Reasons To Buy Cafe Furniture From a Commercial Supplier As Opposed To A Retail Outlet

drop chair sandSo you’re in the market for new cafe furniture. You could of course go to to your nearest retail outlet and purchase from them. After all you know the store and it’s in your area, so it makes sense right? Wrong! Here are 6 reasons why you really should consider purchasing from a commercial cafe furniture supplier instead.

It’s cheaper – Online suppliers don’t have to factor in the rental of expensive retail space, utilities, and staff wages, and therefore can afford to pass those savings directly onto the customer.

Lesser lead times – Most commercial suppliers have good relationships with manufacturers and as a result can arrange bulk stock quicker giving you, the customer, a shoter lead time. This is important, especially when you have deadlines to hit yourself.

Not the same old stuff – Good manufacturer relationships also means that they can get their hands on new and innovative designs quicker. Why have ‘same old, same old furniture when you can have something different?

Advice from real experts – When you go into a retail store you’re liable to be confronted by a salesperson who’s usually on a commission based salary. Some sales people have a tendency to push the products that earn them the best commission and not what’s best for the customer. Conversely commercial suppliers are extremely knowledgeable about their products and as such have the ability to recommend products based on customer’s needs.

It’s easier – Clearly the internet has made purchasing items easier. You can do it from the comfort of your own home, or in this case venue, and within a few clicks your order has been placed. By making sure that you purchase from a reputable and well-established company, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Wider range of choice – You know the saying, “you don’t know what you want until you see it’”well the same often goes for cafe furniture. Retail outlets don’t have large enough spaces to store every type of cafe furniture and that’s why more often than not choice is limited. Conversely most commercial suppliers are web based and can therefore offer a wider range of furniture in a plethora of colours, designs and styles – Giving you a better choice.

At Cafe Chairs Melbourne we’re an online store with a showroom warehouse situated in the

Brendale area of Brisbane so our customers can have the best of both worlds. Contact us on 07 3205 1616 for further details, or alternatively check out our website at cafefurniturebrisbane.com.au to see the wide range of commercial cafe furniture that we have all at great prices.