5 Easy Ways You Can Give Your Cafe A Summer Makeover On A Budget

cafe makeoverAs the temperature is hotting up and we’re slowly edging towards summer it’s a good time to give your cafe a summer refurb. It’s understandable that a well-maintained cafe will have a greater chance of attracting more customers, but just how do you do this when you have a very limited budget? Let’s take a closer look…

A lick of paint

While it might seem obvious, way too many cafe’s neglect their walls often leaving them chipped and worn. A lick of paint has the ability to freshen up any establishment and lighter shades of pastel colours can make a real summery difference while also creating a feeling of space.

Replace worn utensils and dishes

Chipped or shabby crockery or knives and forks that are tarnished don’t always make their way to the bin. Take a moment to sift through your crockery and utensils and get rid of the worst offenders. Replace them with shiny new crockery and cutlery for that ‘out with the old, in with the new‘ summery feel. The good news is that replacing your crockery doesn’t have to be expensive as there are plenty of websites that sell ex-restaurant stock at cheap prices. Alternatively restaurant supply stores will always do great discounts when you buy in bulk.

Replacing your cafe table tops

Replacing your cafe table tops is a cost effective way to get a completely different cafe look without spending a small fortune. Replace dark wood tables with something lighter, possibly light ash or white and you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes. For even bigger budget savings why not look online at companies that sell factory seconds. In many cases the damage is minimal (usually just a slight scratch) and you can pick these up for a song. Sometimes as much as 70% off RRP.

How are your windows?

Even something as simple as giving your windows a thorough clean can let more light into your cafe giving it an instant airy feel. It also means that passers-by can see in, giving you the perfect window of opportunity (pun intended) to attract more customers.

Don’t forget your floor

If you have a dark floor, you might want to consider painting it in lighter colours for the summer Just like your walls, floors are often neglected and a brighter floor colour can give a real sense of space, thus opening up the room area. Add a splash of colour in the form of planters and ornaments (again these can be bought from charity shops or flea markets) to complete the look.

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