4 Ways That Booth Seating Could Benefit Your Venue

booth seatingBooth seating is popular in a wide range of venues including cafes and restaurants. Some people like to place booth seating along the edge of a bare wall while others like to place it on all walls and fill the inner dining section with a configuration of table and chair sets.

If you haven’t ever considered using booth seating in your venue then here are 4 ways it can benefit you.

Benefits of Booth Seating

Helps create a unique space

The best thing about booth seating is its flexibility and the fact that it can be used in such a way as to complement the character and architecture of your specific interior space.

Very venue owners are lucky enough to have a square-shaped room to furnish. Instead, many have awkward recesses, fireplaces and doorways to consider. While this may cause a problem with standard seating when often the space is too tight to enable customers to pull out their chairs to be seated or to stand up, this isn’t the case with booth seating. In this situation, it’s very easy to install booth seating and create a comfortable dining space.


Not only is booth seating more comfortable than most other types of seating, but it allows for a certain degree of privacy. Sitting in a booth can feel quite exclusive and diners don’t have to worry about other diners squeezing past to get to their table.

The design of booths can also be tweaked to provide even more privacy for customers. For instance, the height of the booths can be raised to prevent noise from other booths being heard and prevents customers from being disturbed.

Large groups are easier to manage

Restaurant owners, in particular, always welcome large groups because typically they bring in additional revenue helping to raise profits. Booth seating comes into its element in cases such as these, since a large group can be fitted into their own booths and tucked away and out of sight of other diners.

Booths are always a good option for families since children can sit alongside their parents closest to the wall side of the booth, to prevent them from fidgeting. While not everyone will appreciate booth seating, there’s no denying that it adapts well to a variety of customers.

Durable solution

Depending on the type of upholstery used, most booth seating is extremely durable. We recommend faux leather upholstery since this looks good, fits effortlessly into most decors, and can be quickly wiped clean when necessary. Darker colours are preferable since they are less likely to stain.

To sum up, booth seating is a versatile seating solution that adapts well to different customer groups and also takes up less space than table and chair sets, making it a good option when space is limited.

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