Tolix Stools And Chairs – Aren’t They So Last Year?

tolsYou might be forgiven for thinking that the humble Tolix bar stool no longer has a place in 21st century café’s, restaurants and bistro’s but you’d be wrong. The fact is that hard wearing non-fussy, minimalist furniture is making a comeback and instead out has gone the ‘decorative for decorative’s sake’ style of seating that we’ve grown accustomed to. But why do Tolix stools and chairs remain popular?

They’ve stood the test of time

You may or may not know that Tolix stools have been at the forefront of cafe furniture since 1934 when Xavier Pauchard first unleashed his simple design on the world. Before long café’s and bistro’s al over the world from Paris to Peking were buying then up. Although sales have dropped slightly since their heyday in the 40’s and 50’s, they’re still produced in the same way using the same methods. For anyone purchasing these stools or chairs today, they’re buying into a legacy which isn’t likely to go out of business anytime soon. As a result, replacements and parts (in the unlikely event that you need them) will never be a problem.

They’re so flexible

Have you noticed how so called ‘stunningly designed chairs’ don’t seem to last? That’s because fashions and tastes come and go. What was once seen as head turning and innovative might now be seen as “What were they thinking?” Conversely a Tolix stool or chair isn’t likely to offend anyone. It’s never going to win any intricate design awards but that’s not what it’s about. Instead it’s rugged, it’s reliable, in fact it’s a real chair of the people! Because of its less-than-fussy design it has the ability to fit in with a wide variety of cafe styles from rustic chic to contemporary industrial. It’s this overall flexibility and willingness to fit in that makes the Tolix stool and chair such a great buy.

Build quality

If you’re under the impression that a Tolix stool looks rugged and well made, well that’s because it is. Just like a Japanese car it’s solid and reliable and won’t let you down! There are no fancy curves or decorative ornateness here. Instead, good old fashioned chunks of metal that create solid lines and struts are the order of the day. In fact if you look on Ebay, Craigslist and even Etsy you’ll find a whole host of original Tolix stools for sale. Sure they might need a lick of paint, but chances are they’ll be in their original state of design with no repairs. How many other styles of chair can you say that about?

In truth, having cafe furniture that’s been 80 years in the making, that still fits in with today’s designs and styles, and that’s built to last for another 80 years or more, has to be a great overall investment in your business and besides that, your customers will love them too.

At Cafe Chairs Melbourne we supply a wide range of commercial-grade cafe furniture including our very popular replica Tolix stools and chairs. They’re made to the same specifications as the originals and are similar in everything but name and of course the price. To see more we invite you to check out our online store at Alternatively if you can’t find what you’re looking for or need assistance then give us a call on 07 3205 1616 and talk to our friendly and experienced team who can help.