Steel Cabaret Chairs – A Modern Take on A Popular Classic

steel cabaret chairsWhether you’re in the throes of launching a new cafe or simply upgrading your chairs, why not consider our steel cabaret chairs. With a modern take on a popular classic, they’re instantly recognisable but bang up to date.

About cabaret chairs

Designed by Michael Thonet for the Bentwood company, the cabaret chair started out being made in wood and given the simple title ‘No. 18’.

Thonet had revolutionised the furniture industry with this simple but effective dining chair. At the time, furniture was large and clumsy, ornate and fussy. He changed all of this by producing a chair that was the complete opposite.

It was made by steaming wood to make it pliable so that it could be bent into the glorious curves that bentwood furniture is known for. Once the wood hardened it remained in place enabling Thonet to create curved backrests which, when paired with a round seat and narrow tapered legs, was like a breath of fresh air.

Not only could this chair be produced really quickly since there were few pieces to assemble, but it could also be shipped unassembled, making manufacturing and transport costs lower and giving everyone access to exciting new furniture.

The chair actually became known as the cabaret chair when Lise Minnelli danced around it in the musical film ‘Cabaret’.

Steel Cabaret Chairs – The Benefits

Unlike the original No.18 chair, our cabaret chairs are manufactured from powder-coated steel which gives them a modern look and also provides cafe owners with many benefits.


These modern-day cabaret chairs are made from steel, which is not only extremely strong and durable but is also recyclable. When you consider the different customers that come through your door, you need to provide strong chairs that can support all sizes, shapes and weights and these chairs won’t let you down. In fact, these chairs have passed rigorous testing from the AFRDFI for additional peace of mind. They’re certainly an investment that you won’t live to regret.


Everyone these days is looking for Instagram-worthy pictures to share on social media which means cafe owners have to put careful thought into their décor and furniture. Our steel cabaret chairs come in an assortment of vivid colours – forest green, yellow, and red as well as a more conservative black or white, so there’s sure to be a colour that works with your theme or décor.

Easy maintenance

Arriving fully assembled and with no fiddly nuts and bolts that could come loose, these chairs don’t need any maintenance. All it takes to keep them looking good is a quick wipe over with a cloth to remove any dust or debris.

The truth of the matter is they look amazing and can be used to add a pop of colour or to complement your décor.

You can purchase them online for delivery and we’re also offering contactless collection by appointment only.