Introducing The 1200mm Round Isotop Table In White

1200mm round white Isotop tableWe’re excited to introduce you to one of our newest arrivals, the 1200mm round Isotop table in white. Chic and contemporary this table is perfect for establishments who cater for large parties and features an attractive white top supported by a silver coloured aluminium base.

Isotop are one of the brand leaders in the hospitality industry and it’s hardly surprising. Attractive, affordable, versatile, and functional these tables are great for café owners looking for top quality products that won’t let them down. Manufactured in Malaysia using a patented Germany technology, you can almost guarantee from this latter fact alone that these tables are pretty special.

Here you can read a little bit more about the advantages of Isotop tables:

  • Elegant and comfortable – All Isotop tables, and the 1200mm is no exception, boast a smooth satin finish which is complemented by rounded edges and corners which won’t snag clothes or scratch customer’s skin, making for a safe and comfortable dining experience.

  • Heat resistant – Isotop tables can be used without any protective cloths or mats since they can withstand hot plates and dishes taken straight out of the oven without any adverse effects. They can even cope should a cigarette butt be accidentally dropped onto a table top since the cigarette will burn itself out without leaving any unsightly marks.

  • Stain resistant – Another important feature of an Isotop table is that the top is impervious to stains such as coffee or red wine which can leave unsightly marks that are difficult to remove. They’re also impervious to sticky substances such as solid food or liquids and corrosive substances.

  • Minimum maintenance – This has to score highly when choosing café tables since all it requires to clean an Isotop table is a damp cloth and mild cleaning agent.

  • Damp proof – The edges and surface of all Isotop tables are sealed to prevent any dampness from getting into the table top which is important if your tables are left outside.

  • Weather resistant – Easily able to withstand hot sun as well as cold, wet days, Isotop tables are weatherproof and won’t crack, rust or split even in the harsh Australian climate.

Isotop tables are available in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes, which means that whatever size of space you’re trying to fill, there’s sure to be an Isotop table to fit. The white 1200mm table would look great teamed with an assortment of coloured chairs sat around it for a look that is funky and fun and at our affordable prices, it won’t put too large a dent in your wallet either.

We’ve got a wide selection of café furniture here at Cafe Chairs Melbourne, all at competitive prices. So why not browse our online store or if you happen to be in Brendale then pop along to our warehouse where you can see the furniture first hand. We look forward to seeing you. If you need more information on any of our products just give our friendly staff a call on (07) 3205 1616 and they’ll be happy to assist.