Why Tolix Chairs Are So Popular

Tolix chairsIf you’re considering purchasing new chairs for your establishment then you might want to take a look at the Tolix Chair. It’s a great classic which is popular the world over and a very popular choice for cafés

A French steel worker named Xavier Pauchard discovered in 1907 that by dipping sheet metal in molten zinc or galvanising it, he could prevent the metal from rusting. He went on to set up a factory which specialised in making items from steel for the house and eventually he registered the trademark symbol as ‘Tolix’. It was in 1934 that he designed what is now a classic chair. Intended to be used outside as well as indoors, it had holes in the seat which were to drain away any rain that fell on it. French café owners complained however that the chair wouldn’t stack very well and Pauchard was forced to tweak his design to create a slimmer frame which could be stacked up to 25 high. In 1956 the Tolix chair had well and truly arrived.

They became so popular that they would grace all the bistros and cafés Paris and up until the 1970’s they were even given out by breweries to owners who stocked their beer. They were also in use throughout hospital, schools and factories.

Solid and reliable

Today this iconic chair is a popular as ever with café owners who have come to realise just how useful industrial style furniture can be. The Tolix chair is solid and reliable. It’s strong and durable and can be used indoors or out. In addition it comes in a wide range of funky colours as well as metallic finishes which are just divine.

Our Tolix chairs and stools are replica models and hence more affordable than the real thing. However they follow the original design and are constructed from steel with a powder coated finish. They work exceptionally well if you’re trying to tie in an industrial look in your café, and with neutral walls, exposed brickwork and stainless steel appliances, the look is just stunning. Our Tolix stools are also available in similar shades and different heights and work really well beneath counters or grouped around bar tables. Fun, quirky, and great value for money, there’s simply nothing not to like about a Tolix chair or stool.

Why not visit our showroom in Brisbane or take a look on our website for more details. You’ll get a designer look at the fraction of the cost and Tolix certainly makes for a great long term investment.

Why not experiment with mixing up the colours for a look that is totally unexpected. It always makes for a great talking point.

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