Why Opt For Isotop Tables?

Whether you’re looking to change your existing cafè tables to fit in with a new theme or design or whether you are opening a new venue and are looking for cafè furniture that’s going to last, you might want to strongly consider Isotop tables. You can purchase them in tabletop form if you’re looking to mix and match tops and bases, or alternatively you can purchase complete tables. Whichever form you choose, they remain the perfect option for any cafè, bar or restaurant and here’s why?


Most cafè tables are advertised as being strong and durable, but when you buy Isotop tables they really are. Firstly they’re stain resistant. In other words they’re impermeable against virtually any type of sticky or corrosive substance, from solids through to liquids. Isotop tables are also heat resistant which means they have no adverse effect from hot foods, plates, or even pans and what’s more they’re resistant to cigarette burns too. In one test a lit cigarette was left on an Isotop table and it burned out without marking the table at all. How’s that for durability? Finally Isotop tables are proven to be weather proof so they don’t fade, crack, warp, or rust when confronted by sun and rain.

Low maintenance

Because Isotop tables are treated they don’t need any special cleaning materials or treatments to keep them looking as good as new. Instead all that’s needed to keep them in top condition is a damp cloth and some soapy water. This will easily remove any stains or sticky substances quickly and efficiently.


Isotop tables are manufactured to maintain the perfect stability. Firstly they’re not too heavy so that they can be moved around as and when the needs of your business dictates. However, conversely, they’re not too light so that they can easily be blown over by a gust of wind when placed outdoors. In fact you could say that Isotop tables have the perfect balance between lightness and heaviness.

Creative finishes

If you want variety then you’ve got it with Isotop tables. They come in a huge variety of styles, designs, and finishes, from marble effect and timber look to granite style, smooth satin, and a comprehensive range of colours. Isotop tables also have a multitude of sizes from 1200mm oblong tables sufficient to seat 8-10 people through to intimate 600mm round tables perfect for two. All tables come with rounded corners and perfectly contoured edges which, while being incredibly tactile, are also there to prevent any safety issues.

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