What Makes A Great Piece Of Outdoor Cafe Furniture

outdoor furnitureLet’s face it more and more people are embracing the outdoor lifestyle so it pays for cafe owners to tap into this way of thinking and go ‘al-fresco’. Not only this, from a commercial perspective outdoor cafe furniture makes perfect economic sense as you have the opportunity to increase your seating capacity by using that corner pavement area or small outdoor terrace. Hopefully you’ve been persuaded to buy into what people want, so now you’re going to need to buy your seating and tables. But what makes a good piece of outdoor cafe furniture? Let’s take a look

Commercial quality

It may sound a little obvious that your furniture has to be commercial quality but you’d be surprised how many people think that the very same furniture they have in their back yard is perfect for the job. After all it’s comfortable, cheap and … well… it’s lasted a few years. The truth of the matter is that home furniture and commercial furniture are two different entities, so make sure you purchase the latter. That is, if you want it to last.


Chances are your outdoor furniture is going to be moved around a great deal to meet the needs and demands of your business. For this reason it pays to buy furniture that’s relatively lightweight. Cast iron furniture or heavy table bases might look striking, but you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll be fed up with moving it after a couple of nights.


Unless you have a private terrace area with no outside access, then it’s likely for security reasons that you’re going to want to secure your furniture away at the end of the evening. With this in mind, cafe furniture that’s easily stackable is the way to go. Not only this, it’s also good for anyone that has a smaller storage area


The right commercial furniture also needs to be weather proof. Remember your outdoor furniture is going to have to survive all that nature can throw at it. This includes, intense heat, rain and even wind. With this in mind you’re looking for furniture that won’t fade and is impervious to spills.

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