What Are People Looking For In A Coffee Shop?

coffee and pan chocolatIf you’re considering starting up a coffee shop then it’s important to know what people want. Speaking from personal experience I want a café that is clean, staff that are friendly, and a place that has a great vibe about it.


Studies also show that the main reason people visit a particular café is for its location. People setting out for work naturally want a café that is on the way and doesn’t involve a detour. It has to be convenient. Location can’t always be changed but it pays to research your location with care and in some cases to pay over the odds just for the location itself.


Customers don’t like sitting down to a dirty table that is waiting to be cleared. Coffee shops need to be clean and this involves setting up a routine for your coffee shop which consists of cleaning on the job as well as after hours. Make sure you invest in café tables that are resistant to stains and quick and easy to wipe clean with little more than a damp cloth.

Friendly staff

Visiting a café is a treat, whether you’re meeting friends or clients, and café staff should respect this. A friendly welcome and being made to feel important, (because after all, you are!) goes a long way to making you return again.

Remembering customers

Taking the time to remember customers and their last drink, will put a big smile on their face and makes working in a coffee shop that much more fun. It’s also a good way to make new friends and relationships.

Good vibe

A good vibe is the result of friendly staff, the right sort of music playing, great décor, comfortable café furniture and so much more. An empty café could still have a good vibe provided you make your customer feel welcome.

Top notch drinks

You know how much fun it is to visit a cocktail bar and be wowed by the bar tender throwing in the ice and whirling the cocktail shaker around before pouring a colourful creation into decorative glass, well the same could happen in your café by using latte art. Patterns created from milk on top of an espresso look so pretty and make a customer feel they’re receiving something very special indeed. Why not look at getting some lessons in latte art?

Free WiFi

Finally, consider offering free WiFi to your customers. Not only is it a great way of encouraging them into your shop, but it will also make them linger longer and order an extra coffee, perhaps with a sandwich or cake on the side.

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