We Love The Rustic Trend and Why You Should Too

cargo-darkWant a look for your cafe that oozes simplicity and understated elegance? Something that’s easy to pair with other decors? Organic and relaxed? Then an industrial theme is just right for you.

Splashed across pinterest, showcased in weddings, and featured in home magazines, the industrial theme is still going strong in 2016 and showing no signs of abatement. But what has caused this unfaltering trend?


As a culture Australians are obsessed with authenticity and we love to see genuine, honest, heart felt labour, turned into a thing of beauty. Showcasing wear and tear, cracks and dents, timber and steel embody this trend. So what does this mean exactly for your cafe?

Within the last 10 to 12 years cafe goers have seen a rise in local produce, fair trade, and sustainability, with cafe owners making use of these distinctions to set them apart from their competition. Customers are more likely to trust these establishments that do things in their own original way. The key is to make your cafe stand out from the others in your neighbourhood and if you can get your customers to embrace your particular mission, it will set you apart from your competition. It’s this desire for authenticity that signalled the start of the rustic industrial trend since the originality of a cafe’s interior is just as important as the food and drinks that are being serving.

Raw Aesthetics

One feature which ties cafe interiors into this look is that of craftmanship being very much in evidence. The raw aesthetic of these type of cafe interiors remind customers of the labour that went into producing the various markings. Common features of industrial interiors include high ceilings, exposed beams, natural materials, and accents of unfinished wood.

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