Top Tips When Buying Commercial Furniture

At Café Furniture Brisbane we’re dedicated to helping you choose the best pieces of furniture for your café, whether that be a tub chair, bar stool or communal dining table. Whatever you’re seeking it’s essential that to compliments the look and feel of your establishment. With years of experience within the industry we’ve put together some top tips for successfully styling your café with commercial furniture.


Wherever you decide to purchase your furniture from, be sure to ask the right questions to help you make a more informed decision. What should you ask? Well naturally you should enquire about delivery charges and refunds policy, but it also helps to ask about maintaining and caring for your chosen piece.

Durability is a must

While it seems obvious, choosing strong durable furniture that will last with frequent use day after day is crucial to the success of your business. Furniture made from wood and metal is extremely strong and designed for cafes with fast turnovers.

Opt for low maintenance

Cleanliness is always at the top of a customer’s mind, especially where food is concerned, so it’s important to consider how easy your furniture will be to clean and maintain. Ensuring stains are wiped off upholstery as soon as they appear and furniture is dusted regularly, are just two things you can do to keep your furniture in tip top condition.

Less is more

When it comes to furnishing your café it can be tempting to buy as many tables and chairs as possible to fill your floor space. This is a big mistake.  Remember that people don’t want to feel cramped and devoid of privacy. In addition, there needs to be sufficient room for customers to pull out their chairs to sit on them and for waiting staff to move in between tables with ease. It’s also important to keep the pathway to the toilets clear and clutter free.

Comfort vs function

One of the most important elements of furnishing your café s probably ensuring your customers are comfortable. This needs to be borne in mind when choosing your furniture. Adding tub chairs or the odd sofa or too, is a way of making your café look more welcoming and inviting as possible.

Consistency is key

Depending on the theme of your café, your choice of furniture can help customers know what to expect from your café and what the ‘story’ is behind it. Marching your menu, décor and furniture to your overall theme, gives customers a better feel both for you and your café. Alternatively, if you want a quirkier and more individual look, then make use of the many different styles, colours and textures available in today’s café furniture stores so it’s interesting and equally as intriguing for customers to want to come in.

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