Top Ideas For Cafe Furniture and Its Upkeep

Cafes brimming with personality and an assortment of furniture styles and colours are an immediate hit with people looking for a place to meet up with friends, take their kids, or even conduct an informal business meeting.

However, decorating your cafe and choosing the right kind of furniture can be a daunting task, which is why we’ve put together a few design ideas and maintenance tips to help you.

Modern Industrial Vibe

The first step to designing your interior is to ask yourself what sort of dining experience your customers are looking for. Having decided on your theme the next task is to choose relevant furniture and fittings. If your cafe has large open spaces and high ceilings, then it’s a perfect fit for an industrial theme, which shows no sign of losing its popularity. Industrial design features natural materials such as timber, concrete, and steel and these need to be taken into account when selecting your furniture.

Industrial style furniture

Your choice of furniture needs to complement your theme and incorporate some of the natural materials used in the décor. Tolix chairs are widely popular in industrial style cafes because of ther sleek simplistic lines and their metal finish. These can be paired with Tolix style industrial tables or why not experiment with some large timber communal tables. These look great paired with timber and metal stools which take up less room than chairs, and lend themselves to the concept of a casual dining experience. Pendant lighting suspended over the tables creates the perfect finishing touch.

Tub armchairs

These are ideal for cafes with lower ceilings and more narrow spaces and help to create a cosy, intimate vibe. They can be paired with some colourful table designs and Led lighting to add colour and ambience.

Bar stools

Most cafes are equipped with a high tone bar and what better way to complement this than with bar stools that are always popular with customers. If you’re seeking elegant bar stools then you might want to consider stools such as Bentwood, or for something more traditional then ladder back stools fit the bill perfectly. You may also like some of our industrial styled metal framed stools with their timber seats such as our Cargo, Hairpin, and Detroit stools.

Tips for cleaning and maintenance

Selecting the right style of furniture means considering whether its the right material for where it’s to be used. Much outdoor furniture is made from polypropylene which is UVA resistant and weather resistant, so all it needs to keep it clean is a wipe with a damp cloth and mild cleaning solution.

Unless timber has been oiled to protect it from heat, scratches, and water related problems, then it’s best to limit the use of timber tables and chairs to indoor use. Be careful that they’re not in the full sun or this can cause uneven fading. You might want to consider using table clothes, if this is the case.

All cafe furniture should be checked regularly for any sign of missing or loose screws. In addition it should be wiped over with a soft damp cloth to remove any debris or stains. Remember to finish with a dry cloth to prevent damage to the timber.

At Cafe Chairs Melbourne we stock a wide range of cafe furniture in a variety of styles, colours, and materials so why not check it out and get inspired. As well as our online stores, we have a number of physical showrooms where you can see our products first hand.