Time To Bring Your Cafe Outside

It’s that time of the year when cafe goers love to pull up a chair outside and sit and people watch while sipping their favourite cup of coffee or long cold drink. Sun and warm temperatures sends people flooding to cafe patio areas, so we thought we’d use this opportunity to give you some tips about using cafe furniture to seamlessly bring that indoor vibe outdoors.

By far the easiest way to blend both your spaces is by using the same style of furniture throughout and colours which complement each other.

Consistent furniture

Using the same style of tables and chairs easily blends your indoor and outdoor space to give a smooth streamlined appearance. Naturally, to do this you’ll need to choose cafe furniture that’s intended for indoor/outdoor use and can withstand the harsh Australian climate. All of our table tops and bases can be used inside and out and we also stock a good selection of chairs for both areas too.

One popular choice in chairs is our Parisian range which are manufactured with steel frames and nylon wicker. They’re robust and comfortable and look great wherever you use them. Another good choice are our designer inspired polypropylene chairs which also stack for convenient storage when you’re not using them outside. The stylish Bella chair is our latest addition and another popular chair is our Ribbons chair. Even when your décor is noticeably different in both of your dining spaces, using consistent furniture provides brand continuity.

Complementing colours

Another easy way to promote a seamless transition from indoors to outside is through the use of colour. Ideally you want colours that complement rather than compete with each other for attention. Too much going on in colour terms is hardly relaxing and is likely to be off putting to customers. Why not try using just one range of chairs and stools, for example, and use maybe black for your indoor seating complemented by bright red seating outside.

Using bold colours such as these serves to clearly define each separate space and by using a particularly vibrant colour outside, it’s an easy way to attract the attention of passers by, also acting as free advertising for your cafe.

So before summer arrives in force why not use your furniture to create a seamless flow from one area to another and grab your share of passers by looking for their place to sit in the sun!

Here at Cafe Chairs Melbourne we stock a wide range of indoor and outdoor cafe furniture in styles and colours to suit all tastes and budgets. Browse our online store for inspiration and pop along to our showroom in Brendale to see and try our products for yourself.