The Trendy Colour In Your Café For 2015 Is…….

Panatone colour of year MarsalaPantone the company best known for it’s colour matching system has just released its top colour for 2015 and that colour is Marsala. This shouldn’t be confused with the vivid orange hues of ‘masala’ sauce used in the ever popular chicken Tikka, but rather a robust earthy colour similar to that found in Marsala wine. The effect is a hue that’s duller than scarlet, but kind of moody like a good Burgundy. All that said, it’s undoubtedly a strange choice, so why have Pantone gone for Marsala as their colour of the year?

Firstly say the company, it’s a colour that appeals to both women and men alike. It has a warming tone that’s thought to encourage experimentation and creativity. When used in a room Marsala can be a naturally grounding colour but if used sparingly and in the right way it can also have a dramatic effect. In essence it seems that this trendy colour for 2015, appears cover a wide variety of bases.

So how can Marsala help your café?

Unless your aim is to create an all male or all female customer base, then you’re looking for a style and/or colour scheme that appeals to both genders. Usually this is pretty hard to achieve, but is seems that Marsala fits in with this perfectly. Clearly it isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea (or should that be Marsala) but it’s certainly inoffensive and isn’t going to shock people. That said, used sparingly as an accent colour it has enough vibrancy about it to create that all important wow factor that any establishment is looking for. Finally, it’s a colour than goes with a wide variety of other shades including taupe, pale blues, oatmeal and white as well as darker colours such as spice browns, sage greens and strangely enough, even black.

The key is to get creative

If you really do want to be bang on trend and are looking to add that perfect Marsala hue to your café interior, then the key is to be imaginative. We’ve already said that this particular colour is supposed to bring about creation, well how about getting truly creative with your colour scheme? Don’t just think about colour in terms of paint. Instead why not add colour in the form of contrasting textures and materials in order to add a touch of depth and contrast. For instance, a pair of Marsala-coloured heavy-draped curtains set against a taupe coloured wall, not only has the ability to bring the wall alive but can also help to add dimension. Alternatively, how about all white seating and tables, accented with Marsala coloured cushions. place settings, or picture frames?

So there you have it, the top colour for 2015! The question is, how are you going to utilise it?

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