Should You Choose Backless Or Traditional Bar Stools?

ribbon stool in blackChoosing stools for your cafe or bar can be a daunting and exhausting task since there are so many styles of commercial stools to choose from, each slightly different from the other, making it a difficult decision to know which is best for your venue. When choosing backless or traditional stools there are a few points to consider. Let’s take a look:


One of the most obvious differences between these two types of stools is their appearance, since one has a back and the other clearly doesn’t. Whichever you choose, be aware that there are plenty of styles to choose from so it pays to have a clear picture in your head to narrow down your search.

One of the most important things is make sure that whichever style you choose complements the décor of your theme and/or other furniture without clashing. For example a backless stainless steel stool will look totally out of place in a cafe that is full of classic bentwood or ladder back furniture. Equally a cross back Bentwood stool will look out of place in a cafe filled with colourful PP chairs and tables. In addition, if you already have short backless stools grouped around your tables then tall high backed stools sat at your bar may also look out of place and disproportionate.


Another consideration is the level of comfort that your customers will be expecting from either your backless or traditional bar stools. Although a backless bar stool is better suited for manoeuvrability and space for customers as they enter or leave your dining area, they don’t offer as much support as their traditional counterparts and customer may find your stools give them backache if sat for a longer period of time. Another point you may want to consider is that stools with backs often have a padded seat for comfort, whereas that feature is not so common in a backless stool.

Naturally whichever type of stool you choose is down to personal choice and it’s a nigh on impossible task to choose something which meets all the needs and requirements of all your customers.

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