There’s no denying that the industrial café look is incredibly popular. From Vintage Steam Punk and Rustic Industrial, through to cutting-edge contemporary industrialism, it seems that we just can’t get enough of it.  Because it’s originally a look that’s well-suited to large loft spaces, renovated warehouses, and  converted packing plants, it makes sense that it works in a space with an open floor plan such as a café, restaurant, or bistro.

That said, you don’t need to have a large sprawling space in order to rock the industrial look. Instead it’s all about the space you don’t use, as well as the space that you do. As a result it’s possible to create an industrial look on a budget by selecting carefully chosen pieces that make a bold statement.

How to go about creating the look

Industrial styling is as much about the function as it is the form and takes inspiration from the abundance of raw materials found within a factory, warehouse, or packing plant setting. It’s about stripping back to the bare bones and proudly displaying a building’s inner workings.  Most importantly, it’s about encapsulating that subtle combination of dark and light, rough and smooth, warmth and cool.  As an example just imagine the earthy rawness of exposed brick set against the tactile sleekness of a stainless steel table. Alternatively how about the soothing glow of a large pendant or Edison light projecting its gentle beam onto the starkness of a galvanised Tolix-inspired metal stool. The ideal industrial style is a combination of opposites that are perfectly aligned to create one great unified look.

Here at Cafe Chairs Melbourne we recognise the importance of the industrial style and have put together a series of pieces that we believe work. Whether you’re after large pendant style lighting, a simplistic bar stool that harps back to an industrial past, or a modern twist on a wrought iron table, we’ve got it covered. With our fantastic selection you’ll have access to everything you need for that perfect industrial look right here. From rustic, industrial-style metal Bentwood chairs through to Vintage Steam Punk inspired Detroit drafting stools, let us be your ‘go to’ place for all your industrial cafe furniture needs.

Functional, practical, and incredibly strong our industrial furniture collection isn’t a case of style over substance. One look and you’ll know that they really are designed to ‘do the business.’ What’s more, we’re continually adding to our collection so it’s worth checking back on a regular basis to see what we have in stock.