Revisiting 2018 Style and Design Predictions

Can you believe we’re just a couple of weeks away from June and almost half way through the year. Where does time go? I started thinking about some of the style predictions that were being branded around at the early part of the year and thought I’d while away a little time refreshing my memory. I wonder are you using any of them in your cafe? If you want to spruce up your cafe or update a few design elements, it’s never too late. Who knows it could encourage more customers through your doors. So for anyone who missed them the first time round:

Here are the 2018 style and design predictions


Purple Power

Pantone’s chosen colour of the year was Ultra Violet. It was a bold choice and certainly not for everyone, but we interpreted it more as pops of purple or softer shades of lavender or even pretty plum. Recognised as a regal colour, purple could be used on a statement wall paired with lustrous metallics and florals for a look that is rich and inviting.

Floral prints

We’ve definitely noticed a rise in floral prints this year that have taken their inspiration from nature by incorporating flowers, leaves, butterflies, and birds. It’s a good choice for upholstered seats, curtains or blinds, even screens, and a great way of bringing the outdoors in. When it comes to floral prints, the bigger the better, so why not take advantage of the gorgeous wallpapers available within this theme and create a stunning statement wall in your cafe/bar.

Rounded softer shapes

2018 was predicted to be the year of plumper, softly rounded shapes, especially in furniture. The prime focus is on comfort and they’re designed for snuggling into. Think squishy sofas and tub chairs. These softer shapes and rounder silhouettes also lend themselves to a more casual, homely vibe – so perfect for lounging areas in in your cafe.


Sage was being branded as the new ‘neutral’. Although white and grey are still popular choices sage has more of an earthy feel to it. Reminiscent of nature and a step down from mint, sage is instantly relaxing while being a colourful decorative feature.

Dark wood

The Scandinavian trend of recent years has seen furniture manufacturers embracing the natural look of timber in a big way. While light wood will always hava a place, especially in modern design, this year has also seen the rise of darker tones of wood. Furniture fashioned from mahogany or walnut is the idealway to add a touch of retro glamour to your cafe interior while maintaining that modern luxury feel.