Restaurant Furniture and Their Types Explained

restaurant furnitureIf you go into any cafe, bar, or restaurant, you’ll notice a variety of different tables and chairs adorning the venue. Usually this isn’t because the owner has amassed an eclectic mix of furniture that just happens to fit, but instead because it’s been cleverly designed to deliver the most amount of seating in the space provided, therefore maximising the owners return on investment. Therefore since different cafe’s require different seating arrangements it’s important to know the most suitable types for you.

Table separates

These are normally so called because they come in two separate parts (normally the table top and the table base). Both bases and tops come in a wide variety of materials, colours, and styles, such as wood laminate, pressed composite, granite, aluminium, iron and even polypropylene and both tops and bases can be interchanged to create an original look. This means that if ever you fancy a change then you can do it cheaper simply by replacing the table tops or the bases.

Family dining tables

Dining slabs are large family dining tables that usually seat 8-10 people. They’re ideal if you have a function room and hold celebrations and are usually either rectangular or round in shape. Most venues tend to integrate the occasional dining slab with smaller tables to maximise the space.

Intimate dining tables

As the name suggests intimate dining tables usually seat just two people and can be either square or round in shape. Ideally they’re best utilised in areas that have unusual nooks and coves where standard seating can’t be fitted and if lit correctly can create the perfect romantic table for two. They come in a wide variety of materials, finishes, and colours and are also good to use on outside pavement or terrace areas where space is tight.

Booth seating

If you want to create a unique dining experience for your guests and at the same time capitalise on space, booth seating is the perfect solution. They can be placed back to back, or into recesses or corners and are an ideal way to maximise the amount of customers into a smaller amount of space. In the main booth seating works best around a larger permanently fixed table, but can be adapted to suit your needs and requirements.

Outdoor furniture

This covers a wide remit and can often be used indoors too, but generally outdoor patio-style furniture has been treated so that it’s protected from the wind, rain, and the sun. This means it shouldn’t fade, warp, or rust in any way. Outdoor commercial grade, patio-style furniture comes in a wide variety of materials including aluminium for that contemporary Mediterranean look, marble for that classic feel and specially treated composite wood for a modern fresh vibe.

Once you understand the most suitable types for your needs you’ll need to find the best quality furniture at the best price and here at Cafe Chairs Melbourne we can certainly help with that. We provide a wide variety of cafe furniture and seating at great value-for-money prices, so we guarantee there’s something for everyone. Check out our website at or contact us on 07 3205 1616 to find out more.

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