Large Pendant Light in Matte White

Large Pendant Light in Matte White

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Whether you’re looking to upgrade your dining space or starting out on a new project, then deciding on your lighting is one of the first things you need to do. Pendant lighting has increased in popularity massively over the past few years and shows no sign of going away, so perhaps this could be the lighting choice for you.

Our large pendant light seen here in matte white has a retro look and is perfect for use in commercial spaces such as cafés, bars and restaurants as well as in the home. Extremely versatile, pendant lighting can be used for decorative purposes as well as for ambience lighting and task lighting, and because it comes in so many different sizes and styles, you can use it virtually anywhere.

This large pendant light is similar to most other pendant lighting in that it has a simplistic style which also happens to adapt well to any style of interior and because it can be hung in a variety of ways, then if you can imagine it, chances are you can create the look you want using pendant lighting. Industrial settings are ideal choices for pendant lighting and help to add to the overall raw, edgy feel that this design creates. Depending on your table plan, you could hang your pendant lights at even spaces across beams or girders so that they shine light directly on to the tables below. Alternatively you might want to use a cluster of pendant lighting to focus on one particular area in your venue such as the table where customers will find cutlery, napkins, and condiments. In this instance your lights could be hung at different lengths and due to their simplistic style, will create an interesting and practical focal point.



Indoor use only
Needs Assembly

Light bulb not included

Must be installed by a licensed electrician

Height: 530mm

Light Height: 440cm

Base diameter: 400mm

Commercial grade
12 month
Other Features

Please be aware that while utmost care is taken, due to variances among different monitors and operating systems, colours shown may vary slightly in actual appearance.




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