Outdoor Cafe Furniture Material – What’s best?

outdoor cafe furniture melbourneWhen you’re considering furniture for your outdoor space there is plenty to choose from – timber, plastic, metal, aluminum, and rattan among others. Naturally, you want a combination of good looks, durability, and affordability. So what’s the best outdoor cafe furniture material?

The best material for outdoor cafe furniture

Before deciding on the best outdoor cafe furniture material, let’s take a look at what’s available and discuss the pros and cons of each one.


Timber is one of the most popular choices of outdoor cafe furniture material, particularly teak. Not only does teak have a natural attractive look but it also contains natural oils and repels water which means it can act as an all-weather outdoor choice.


Aluminium also remains a popular choice of outdoor cafe furniture material because it’s strong and lightweight, meaning it can be easily moved around. Although it has considerable resistance to corrosion, it can also be enhanced with powder coating to complement your décor.


Thanks to cutting edge technologies, plastic or polypropylene furniture is more exciting than ever and comes in a wide range of styles and a rainbow of colours. Inexpensive and stackable, they really are a great choice for an outdoor terrace on a limited budget.


Wrought iron is a material that’s been around for centuries and makes a fantastic choice for bespoke hand-crafted pieces. That said, it can rust and in extreme temperatures can be uncomfortable without any kind of upholstery.

Things to consider before choosing outdoor cafe furniture material

Now that you’re aware of the different types of outdoor cafe furniture material here are some other important things to consider.

Cleaning and maintenance – While buying outdoor furniture is a one-time procedure, cleaning and maintaining it requires constant effort. If you don’t have much time to spend on cleaning, consider choices like metal or plastic which are low maintenance.

Cost-effectiveness – While your decision may boil down to budget, consider the upfront costs as well as those involved in maintenance or repair in the longer term.

Eco-friendly – Because of global warming and climate change, it’s a good decision to ‘go green’. Fortunately, several manufacturers are using biodegradable or recyclable materials.

Weight – The weight of your outdoor furniture is another important consideration since it may need to be moved on a daily basis. If your furniture needs to be stored under lock and key at the end of each day, lightweight stackable furniture is the way to go. Heavy chairs aren’t a practical choice because your staff won’t be able to move them.

Weatherproof – The harsh Australian climate can play havoc with outdoor cafe material so make sure that the furniture you choose is intended for outdoor use. This is UV treated to prevent the material from splitting or cracking in the heat while also being water-resistant and able to cope with heavy downpours.

Ultimately the best outdoor cafe furniture material is one that meets your taste, requirements, climate, and budget.

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