Ottomans – More Useful Than You Might Think

Casual seating is a prerequisite of most cafes and comes in all shapes and forms. You’ve probably considered bar stools but how about adding a few ottomans into the mix? Ottomans are great for small spaces and suitable for most ages – kids just love ’em! An ottoman is also a piece of furniture that adds interest as well as functionality.

How to use your ottoman

Ottomans are extremely versatile and whereas they may once have served as an item of furniture on which to suppport your legs and take the weight of them, they can also be used for casual dining purposes. We’ve put together a few suggestions for how you could utilise ottomans in your cafe, so let’s dive straight in and take a look:

  • If you’ve got sofas and/or tub chairs in your lounging areas, then chances are that you need a small table close by for customers to place down their drinks or plates of food. An ottoman makes a great side table and can be used in place of a low standing coffee table. Since our ottomans have padded tops you can simply place a tray on top to keep the surface flat and with their soft rounded corners, they’re also child friendly.

  • You might have managed to squeeze a small 600ml table into a tight corner or small alcove but what about a chair? Our ottomans make the perfect seating option in areas where space is limited. What’s more, when they’re out of use they can be sat beneath the table out of the way.

  • Continuing on from the point above, ottomans are perfect for those busy times of the day when there just aren’t enough seats to go around. Why not keep two or three ottomans tucked away beneath a counter or in a corridor so that you can quickly bring them out as additional seating for children or adults.

  • Our ottomans are stylish and colourful so why not use a few to add a pop of colour to a neutral palette. With a choice of black, burnt orange, or bright red they’ll fit into most decors and with a lovely padded vinyl seat, they’re also easy to keep clean and maintain.

Our ottomans work well both in traditonal and modern settings. The burnt orange ottomans look great with oak table tops to create a warm, cosy ambience. Or you could try pairing our black or red ottomans with glossy black table tops or crisp white table tops for a look that is classy and sophisticated.

As well as ottomans we also supply drum stools which serve a similar purpose. With these you can use the band of white around the middle to advertise your brand name and phone number, so your customers don’t forget whose cafe they’re sitting.

Small, portable, and extremely functional isn’t it time you embraced the concept of ottomans in your cafe?