Make Your Cafe More Inviting With A Tub Chair Or Two

tub chair in PU leatherWhether it’s a doctor’s waiting room, a reception area, or a cafe, I’m sure you’ve come across and indeed sat in many a tub chair. They’re not your normal everyday ‘sit bolt upright‘ kind of chair and in cafe’s, restaurants, and bistro’s especially, they create a relaxing space that customers want to sit and chill in. As we’re celebrating this particular chair – well – writing about it anyway – it wouldn’t be right without mentioning a little bit of background history.

First of all, the name – Where did the word ‘tub’ come from?

There are in fact various theories on the origin of the word. One theory came from the fact that the shape of the chair resembles that of a bath tub, hence the name. However the term bath tub originates from the US and the original tub chairs were most definitely European.

The second and more probable theory is that the name was a derivation of the club chair because it was found mainly in Gentleman’s Clubs which were very popular all over England during the latter part of the 18th century. Even today, these chairs are still found in golf club houses all over the world.

Club or tub chairs started off life as early as the 17th century but only as wooden framed chairs without upholstery. They were considered a cheap but relatively comfortable chair that any household at the time afford. It wasn’t until the 18th century however when the top furniture makers of the day started using better, more costlier materials such as solid oak and hand-dyed leathers to make tub chairs that appealed to the great and the good of the time. These chairs were the finest of their time and sold for what today would be the equivalent of thousands of pounds.

Nowadays thankfully quality tub chairs can be purchased for a fraction of the price and are made using PU leather over pine wood, complete with comfortable padded seating. Because the most successful cafe’s are the ones that appeal to a wider customer base, tub chairs can easily create a more intimate, relaxing experience for a customer to sit in and enjoy their newspaper and a great cup of coffee. What’s more in order to create an inviting space you only need a handful of tub chairs so it won’t cost you the earth. So go on, what are you waiting for, make your cafe a relaxing space and let your customers enjoy your finest coffee in a tub chair or two.

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