Long-Lasting Outdoor Furniture That Won’t Let You Down

When you invest in outdoor furniture for your cafe or bar, it stands to reason that you want it to last, particularly with the harsh Australian climate.

Check out some of the long-lasting outdoor furniture we have for sale here at Cafe Chairs Melbourne.

Isotop table packages

When it comes to strength and durability, our Isotop table packages take some beating. The tables tops are manufactured from a unique mix of plantation wood chip, resin and wax and moulded under high pressure and temperature. They are then finished with a laminate coating to provide added protection from heat, stains, and scratches. The material is also UV protected and weather-resistant to withstand anything the weather may throw at it.

Provided in a wide variety of heights, shapes, and beautiful patterns, you can easily tailor your space to complement your décor and meet your business needs.

The included Roma base is made from strong aluminium and provided with a silver polished finish or matte black with powder coating. Robust and sturdy, the base is weighted to give more stability in windy conditions.

Incidentally, customers can purchase separate table tops and bases from us to create custom long-lasting outdoor furniture to complement their décor.

Emma Chair

The Emma chair is one of our latest additions and quite unique from anything else out there. It features a black polypropylene frame and coloured seat pans in classic colours of charcoal, ruby, mustard, and white. If you’re looking for a comfortable chair to use indoors and outside, then this could well be the one.

These great looking chairs can also be stacked and stored away overnight or when the weather is bad, which makes them an excellent choice for pavement terraces that aren’t secure. Like all of our long-lasting outdoor furniture, they will retain their good looks with the minimum of maintenance.

Envy Stool

Our Envy Stools are produced with a single injection polypropylene mould and further reinforced with glass fibre to make them even stronger. UV protection is also added to help prevent them fading and to protect them against warping or cracking. Meanwhile the open honeycomb design allows and water to drain in the event that the stools get left out in the rain.

Owing to their height, these stools work well with bar tables which are great for people wanting to sit and enjoy a drink while enjoying their surroundings from an elevated stance.

Lightweight and easy to move, these fabulous stools are perfect for outdoor dining.

At Cafe Chairs Melbourne we stock a wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture which in the current COVID-19 climate can still be purchased online for delivery or contactless collection.