Isotop Tabletops – Discover Their Many Benefits

Isotop tabletopsIf people seem to be passing by your cafe without giving it a second glance it could be that your furniture looks outdated and old. People nowadays don’t just go out to a cafe to get a drink they expect an experience. Your cafe furniture and décor is just as important as the coffee you serve and if it isn’t up to scratch they will walk past. Tables make up a large proportion of your furniture so this should be your first port of call. Isotop tabletops make a great choice and have many benefits which you can discover below.

Isotop Tabletops – Take a Look at Their Benefits

Isotop is one of the leading manufacturers of commercial furniture and positions themselves nicely in an affordable price bracket. Their tabletops are made from an innovative high-density substrate and feature sealed edges and rounded edges while the laminated surface adds an additional layer of protection and makes them easy to maintain.

Isotop tables are everywhere which is proof that they’re reliable and durable and no doubt you’ve sat behind one at some time or another. But apart from their popularity, what else makes them an attractive purchase for care owners?

Virtually indestructible

Cafe tables have to withstand a lot of use and sometimes even abuse. Not only do they have to sit out in all weathers – from ferocious rain and wind to scorching heat and sun. Then there’s grease and heat from the food coming out of the kitchen, Not only can Isotop tables take all of this in their stride but they’re also scratch-resistant.

Easy to clean

Isotop table tops are surprisingly easy to clean and that’s hugely beneficial when you run a busy cafe. Not only are the tabletops stain-resistant but all it takes to clean them is a wipe with a damp cloth followed by a spray of sanitiser. Should there be any difficult to remove dirt, then simply use a mild cleansing agent.

Seamless tops

All Isotop table tops are seamless which is essential for hygiene purposes in the hospitality industry. As a result, bacteria are prevented from entry and food particles are unable to find a crack to settle into. Without seams, there’s no chance of water penetrating into the wood below causing it to rot.

Wide range of sizes, shapes, patterns

One of the things we personally like best about Isotop table tops is that they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes – small to large. This allows you to use the same design throughout your cafe but vary the sizes or shapes according to your space. From coffee tables to bistro tables and dining tables to communal tables, there’s a table for every space and every need.

Just as there are plenty of sizes to choose from, so there are plenty of patterns designed to suit any décor or theme. We mostly stock a variety of timber patterns including Choco Oak, Shesman Timber, and Rustic Maple and natural-looking materials such as granite, marble and cement.

Even better our Isotop table tops can be purchased individually and fitted to an existing table base or they can be purchased as complete tables, the choice is yours.

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