Introducing A Sleek Modern Cafe Chair With A Real Wow Factor

pink Madeline ChairOozing with understated elegance this sleek and modern café chair offers numerous options when styling your café, bistro or restaurant. With its clean cut geometric lines, strong welded legs and plywood construction, it’s sure to turn heads.

If you prefer a simple, elegant and totally uncomplicated look to your café or bistro then the Madeline chair which is available in light beech, rich mahogany, hot pink or white finish may be just what you’re looking for. With its clean cut lines, attractive wood grain finish and sleek aluminium legs it lends itself to stylish practicality. The ergonomic design of this chair offers outstanding support for the body and the rich colours and shiny aluminium legs will complement almost any décor. Features such as the cut out carry handle and the waterfall design to the edge of the seat, are not only practical but stand out as design elements in their own right. What’s more the absence of arms means that more of these chairs can be placed around long rectangular tables lending themselves effortlessly to social occasions such as parties and family gatherings.

Versatile and practical
These light airy chairs give a feeling of spaciousness and work well with the majority of our Isotop and Werzalit tables. Sat in front of warm terracotta walls on a wood floor, you could create a warm and welcoming ambience using the rich mahogany finish. Alternatively for a more contemporary look then how about pairing pink Madeline chairs with gleaming white tables and a light pastel colour palette. A protective coating which has been applied to the plywood construction also means that maintenance is low key and any spills or food debris can be easily removed with little more than a damp cloth. In addition, the chairs stack when not in use or convenient storage, adding to the overall practicality of the chair.

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