How To Rock the ‘Knock-off’ Look with Great Quality Replica Café Furniture

black ribbon chairIf you’ve got a passion for designer ‘stuff’ and want to create the same look and feel for your café, restaurant or bistro, then it’s fair to say that you’d probably have to be selling a boat load of skinny lattes on a daily basis just to pay for it. That said, if you’re prepared to, and indeed, are unashamedly proud to ‘rock’ the knock-off look then you can get some great looking replica furniture. Still not convinced… then you might want to read on.

They look just as good as the real thing

Believe it or not if you buy good quality replica furniture then they really do look just as good as the real thing! Some for example are almost exact replicas and it can be very hard to tell the difference. Others like the Tolix inspired stool or chair and the Phillipe Starck inspired Ribbon Chair are exactly this…design inspired, but just like the real thing, they’re chairs that are going to turn heads.

Commercially friendly

Although a Phillipe Starck original Masters Chair is undoubtedly a thing of beauty with it’s jaw dropping elegance and clean flowing lines it probably wouldn’t last five minutes in a busy café, restaurant or bistro setting. On the other hand most replica or design-inspired café furniture is manufactured specifically for this purpose. This means that they’re strong, durable and functional. Many are also weatherproof, waterproof, UV proof and indeed any other kind of ‘proof’ that you can think of. On top of this they’re designed to be stackable and you probably wouldn’t want to do this with an Eames Chair. So from a practical point of view, design inspired replica furniture is a winner all round.

Great value-for-money

Okay so let’s do some maths… If you decided to opt for a Philippe Starck original then the cost is around $270. Okay, so not bad for a designer chair, but if you have 30-40 covers, that’s going to set you back over $8000. Alternatively if you opt for a Starck inspired ribbon chair then you can pick one up for around the $60 mark. That means that you can seat 30-40 guests for somewhere between $1800 and $2400, so around a quarter of the original designer chair. Not only does a design-inspired chair save you a ton of cash, it really looks the part as well…result!

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