How To Match Your Cafe Chairs To Your Table Base

cafe chairs and complementing basesPerhaps you’re starting out from scratch and have found that creating the look you had in mind for your cafe isn’t quite going as well as you’d hoped. Perhaps you’ve sourced the chairs you had in mind but feel that the tables don’t exactly match your décor or aren’t the right size to fit in with your floor plan. Rather than shrugging it off and accepting your second choice, why not learn just how to match table bases with chairs to create your own unique look.

Here are a few tips that we’ve put together to help you match table bases and chairs.

Choose commercial grade furniture

This may seem obvious, but always source commercial grade furniture for your cafe. While you may find other styles of chairs or tables that appeal, unlike commercial furniture they’re not designed to be used several times throughout the day on a daily basis. You could well find yourself needing to replace them just a few months down the line, and having to shell out a whole lot cash on new furniture. A lot of commercial furniture in Australia has passed AFRDI testing, which means that it’s been through rigorous testing and is considered suitable for frequent, regular use. What’s more, it isn’t always the furniture with the highest price tag either!

Styles to complement each other

One of the most important things is to make sure that the chairs and table bases you’re considering combining actually complement one another. A certain degree of quirkiness can be fun but items which dramatically clash can be totally off-putting. For example, while pairing a hot pink plastic chair with a black cast iron base may actually work, pairing that same chair with a traditional wood pub table just wouldn’t. If you can, place the two items together and try to find some sort element of common ground which makes them work together. For example, if your chair has some sort of metallic accent or frette work then try to find a table base with a similar metal accent or frette work.

Getting the size right

As well as considering the colours and materials of your chairs and table bases you also need to think about the difference in size. For example when you’re choosing a particular style of chair you need to ensure that the table base is the right height so that your customers will be comfortable. Get the base too low and your customers will feel as if they’re sitting at the children’s table and get the base too high, and your customers will feel like they’re children sitting at the grown-ups table. Be sure to check your measurements to get it right, and if in doubt, always ask the advice of the vendor.

It can demand a little creativity and courage to put your own look together, but don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and mix and match until you achieve the combination which draws the eye and makes your dining space appear really attractive and appealing.

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