How To Choose The Right Cafe Table Base

cafe table baseCafe furniture table bases come in various shapes, sizes, and weight so choosing the right type for your business can be a tricky task with plenty of styles to choose from. Here at Cafe Chairs Melbourne we have a wide range of table bases so we’ve put together some tips to help narrow down your options.


Round bases

Round bases are one of the most popular styles of cafe table base and are best suited to round table tops. They offer more stability to a round table than a square base does, and also provide a flat area for customers to place their feet.

Square bases

These are a good choice for a large table that needs two bases. Owing to their large surface they offer greater stability and space for feet.

X-Shaped bases

These are a preferred shape of base when space is limited since they allow more room for chairs to be pushed in under the table.

Tripod bases

Similar to X-shaped bases these again offer more room for chairs to be pushed beneath the table. However, because of their smaller surface area they don’t offer as much stability as round or square bases.

Bolt down bases

As their name suggests these bases bold down onto the ground preventing table movement and offering a secure connection. It does mean however that the table position is permanent, so they are limiting in that respect. In addition they also allow for good mobility access.

FLAT bases

These bases utilise FLAT technology which means that the table legs automatically adjust and lock in place to keep a table stable on any type of surface, smooth or uneven.


Cafe table bases also come in various heights, depending on the purpose of the table. These include coffee table height of 450mm, cafe table height of 720mm, and dry bar table height of 1050mm.


Cafe table bases are made from differing materials with the most common being stainless steel, aluminium, cast iron, and wood. Stainless steel is one of the best choices because it is rust resistant and can therefore be used inside and outdoors. Aluminium is also a good choice because it’s light in weight but very durable.


Most people tend to think first of all about the type of finish for their table base. The most common finishes are chrome, brushed steel, or black, although many of them are finished with a powder coating too. Black is great for a traditional finish or looks fantastic with white if you’re looking to create impact. Brushed steel offers more of a contemporary finish and looks amazing with light ash wood as well as coloured resin table tops.

If you need any help in choosing the right table bases for your needs then just give us a call on 07 3205 1616 or pop into our showroom in Brendale and we’ll be delighted to assist.