Fun Ways To Use Ottomans In Your Café

ottomans in a cafe settingOnce the intended purpose of an Ottoman was simply for people to rest their feet upon it when sitting in an armchair or on the sofa, but today’s Ottomans are being used in a variety of fun ways. So let’s take a look at just how you might incorporate one or two of these simple pieces into your café or restaurant.

Casual seating

Ottomans are a great choice of casual seating in an informal setting and as such they work really well in cafés or bistros. Why not try grouping a few Ottomans around some low tables in a tight corner where there’s not much space for chairs. They’re ideal for taking the weight off feet and for enjoying a cup of coffee with friends.

Child friendly seating

It can be difficult to accommodate younger children who are too big for a high chair and yet not grown up enough to sit on a full sized chair. Ottomans are a good idea for young children to sit on and if you provide a table with some Lego building bricks on it, then that will keep them amused whilst young mums catch up on the gossip and exchange news. Should the child slip off the Ottoman then there’s very little chance of them hurting themselves.

Visual interest

Various shapes and configurations of Ottomans can add visual interest to a corner of your café or bistro. Consider geometric Ottomans which push together to form a circle and can then be taken out in separate wedges to use as seating. Or alternatively you could make a simply flower shape with various colour combinations of simple round Ottomans.

Low coffee table

Place an Ottoman either side of a sofa and it can be used as a low coffee table for customers to put their drinks on while waiting to be seated.

Accent colour

Ottomans can also be used as an accent colour to bring a pop of colour into a neutral colour palette. Alternatively they can enhance the décor if matched with one of the colours in your wallpaper or artwork.

Show piece

Ottomans are, believe it or not, fast becoming the focal point of some rooms and simply serve a function as a “look at me” object. From rich velvet fabrics to smooth leather and from tassels to tapestry, Ottomans can look casual in a rustic setting and extravagant and lush in a more affluent setting.

Ottomans can be a conversation piece as well as a functional item, so why not introduce a few into your café and get inspired.

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