Exploring The Five Best Coffees In The World (well, probably)

best coffee in the worldJust like a bad wine, everybody remembers a bad cup of coffee, but surely this is all down to taste right? After all, one person’s bad cup of coffee just might be another’s favourite! Just as bad coffee can be a controversial subject, so too is what’s considered really good coffee. However unlike bad coffee we do know which coffees have been rated continually high in terms of taste, colour, and aroma by some of the best experts in the world and I guess that this is what makes them (probably) the best. Anyway, without further ado, let’s kick things off in no particular order.

Hawaiian Kona Coffee

Kona coffee is grown around 600 meters above sea level on the fertile slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano. Known for its light and delicate, yet surprisingly rich taste it has a complex aroma. Medium bodied it has buttery, spicy qualities which give it its very distinctive taste.

Sumatran Lingtong

With a low acidity Sumatran Lingtong is well known for its complex earthy tones with a hint of sweetness thrown in for good measure. The tropical lush climate of the Northern Lingtong region is said to give this coffee a real depth of flavour that few coffees can match.

Ethiopian Harrar

If you like your coffee wild and exotic then Ethiopian Harrar is the perfect match. Grown 1,500 to 2,500 metres above sea level the high elevations are said to produce an intense pungent, heady aroma that looks bright in the cup. Flavours of blackberries, cardamom, and jasmine sit comfortably with the bitterness of rich dark chocolate to make an edgy and bold cup of coffee.

Guatemalan Antigua Coffee

An exceptional premium coffee Guatemalan Antigua gives a pleasant rich smoky taste with hints of spice. This particular coffee bean works best when dark roasted to release the full force of the flavours.

St Helena South Atlantic

The tiny island of St Helena produces some of the finest coffee on the planet in the form of St Helena South Atlantic. Light and elegant with a hint of jasmine, it’s said to be processed using pure spring water that cascades down the Island’s Central Ridge peaks. Subtle but with layers of complex flavours this is the coffee for the real coffee connoisseur.

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