Cafe Furniture Tips – 7 Tips to Make Your Cafe a Success

cafe furniture tipsYour cafe furniture can make or break your cafe and is arguably one of the most important elements when upgrading or launching a new cafe. Not only does it set the tone for your cafe, but it also helps direct the flow of traffic. We’ve put together 7 cafe furniture tips that will help you choose and use your furniture wisely to create a cafe that is warm and welcoming.

7 Cafe Furniture Tips to Consider   

Give your customers some space

We’ve visited our fair share of cafes and one of the things we’re agreed on is that everyone likes their own space. While it can be tempting to squeeze another couple of tables in to accommodate more customers and increase revenue, it’s not a great idea to do so. Tables that are too close together make customers feel there is no privacy and that their conversation is being overheard. Furthermore, it makes it difficult for other customers and waiting staff to navigate between tables.

Consider booths or a communal table

Leading on from the above cafe furniture tips, if space is limited, you might want to consider using booths instead of standard table and chair sets. Booths can be placed back to back, take up less room than a table and 4 chairs, and also give customers a feeling of privacy.

A communal table is also a great way of maximising your floor space and can accommodate several people together.

Create a homely feel with a rug

Tiled or wooden floors can feel very bare so why not consider adding a rug or two to give a more homely feel. A communal table, for instance, could be sat on a large hessian rug which also helps to cut down noise levels. Outdoor rugs are also a great way to jazz up bare concrete floors and make the area more appealing.

Avoid lines of furniture

Arranging your furniture in straight rows looks like a military exercise and lacks imagination. Instead, try placing your tables and chairs at angles to each other or use different table shapes and/or sizes to mix things up. It makes for a more appealing dining space.

Cafe furniture tips – Always buy commercial furniture

We’re always banging on about buying furniture that’s commercial grade. The reason for this is that it’s constructed differently to residential furniture and is designed to withstand the everyday rigours of a bustling cafe environment.

Furniture doesn’t have to match

Another of our top cafe furniture tips is to mix and match your furniture to create more of an interesting interior. Don’t overdo it, or your space could look crowded and chaotic. Instead, considering using the same colour for your chairs only vary the styles. We love the look of rustic timber tables with an assortment of different coloured Tolix chairs placed around them to add a pop of colour.

Make use of any outdoor space

Making use of any outdoor space means you can accommodate more customers and hopefully increase your revenue. If the space is at the front, then setting up an attractive terrace is more likely to attract passers-by and seeing people sitting enjoying themselves, in turn, attracts more people. It also gives people their first impression of your cafe, so make sure it’s a good one.

Hopefully, these 7 cafe furniture tips have helped you plan the type of furniture you need for your cafe as well as ideas to make your space more welcoming. At Cafe Chairs Melbourne we stock a wide range of tables, chairs, and stools, so why not browse our online store or visit our Melbourne showroom for inspiration.