Cafe Furniture Melbourne – How to Avoid Costly Purchasing Mistakes

cafe furniture melbourneWith more than 10 years of experience in the industry, it’s fair to say that when it comes to cafe furniture in Melbourne we know what we’re talking about. We’ve assisted cafe and bar owners all over the city, not only helping them choose the right furniture but getting them to consider things that should influence their buying decision that they simply hadn’t thought of. To avoid you from making costly errors, we’ve put together some helpful tips to bear in mind when choosing furniture for your venue in Melbourne. So, without further ado, let’s dive in …

Make a Plan

How can you possibly know how many cafe chairs and tables you need without making a plan? Yet we’ve lost count of the number of times customers have had to return furniture because they over-ordered or because it didn’t fit where they wanted to place it.

Never rush into buying furniture without having measured your floor space and configured a seating plan.

Measure and measure again

Don’t just measure once, instead we recommend measuring at least twice to double-check that you’ve got it right. Once you have the measurements transfer them onto graph paper and indicate any doorways so you can play around with a seating plan.

The great thing about online shopping is that the furniture measurements are clearly displayed. Once you find pieces that you like, using the measurements you can work out exactly if they will fit into your space and the best configuration.

Don’t buy too much

We get the idea behind thinking it makes sense to cram in as many tables and chairs as possible to increase revenue but this can be to your detriment when buying cafe furniture in Melbourne.

Customers like to have space between them and the next table so that they don’t feel hemmed in and so that their conversation isn’t overhead by all and sundry. Not just that, there also needs to be sufficient room between the tables for customers to pull out their chairs to sit down and for waiting staff to move around with ease. There also needs to be a clear pathway to the bathrooms.

Know your customers

We’re not talking about first names, but rather about the type of customers your cafe or bar is likely to attract. Are they young professionals dashing in for a coffee on their way to the office? Or perhaps it’s young mums and their babies looking to meet up with other mothers in the neighbourhood. It could be that freelancers are looking for somewhere they can throw some ideas around with likeminded individuals. By knowing your customers you can better decide on the type of furniture that they would welcome.

For instance, if you’re expecting your customers to linger for a while as they chat then upholstered tub chairs could be a good option or even some squashy sofas. Upright chairs or stools are better for those customers looking to grab a coffee and a snack in their lunchbreak and then move on. Freelancers would appreciate a communal table with easy access to Wifi.

If you have space, then it’s a good idea to utilise a variety of seating where possible to give customers a choice. Whatever cafe furniture you choose in Melbourne make sure it complements your décor or theme and any other existing furniture you may have.

Buying cafe furniture in Melbourne

Before buying cafe furniture the main points to consider are durability, functionality and hygiene. Be sure to purchase commercial furniture since this is designed to withstand the rigours of a busy environment. Also, consider choosing tables that are easy to clean and come in a variety of sizes as this helps to maximise your floor space. Our Isotop tables fit the bill perfectly.

If you’re looking to buy cafe furniture in Melbourne then there’s no better place than Cafe Chairs Melbourne. We stock a wide array of high-quality cafe furniture and won’t be beaten on price.