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So What Exactly Is Cafe Furniture Anyhow?

Seems like an obvious question I know but it’s an important one especially when you’re looking to refurbish your existing café or starting from scratch. Cafe furniture is furniture that’s used specifically in bistros, restaurants, bars, and of course café’s It can also be used in the home. Domestic furniture on the other hand (or […]

5 Important Things To Consider When Purchasing Café Furniture

For any café, having the perfect balance between style, design and ambience is key to having a busy establishment. Get it right and it’s likely to mean increased profits. Get it wrong and you could be just one of many cafés, restaurants, or bistros who fall by the way-side each and every year. Because of […]

Ladder-Back Chairs – Impress Your Friends With 5 Fun Facts You Might Not Know

As ladder-back chairs seem to be having somewhat of a renaissance of late, we thought that we’d take a slightly tongue-in-cheek look at 5 fun facts about this humble chair you might not know, or indeed probably ever use again. It’s as old as the hills! Well, not quite, but it does hold the world […]

How To Rock the ‘Knock-off’ Look with Great Quality Replica Café Furniture

If you’ve got a passion for designer ‘stuff’ and want to create the same look and feel for your café, restaurant or bistro, then it’s fair to say that you’d probably have to be selling a boat load of skinny lattes on a daily basis just to pay for it. That said, if you’re prepared […]