All You Need To Know About Buying Eco Friendly Furniture

Due to the increased awareness of caring for our environment in whatever way we can, eco friendly products have altered the way we think, from the foods we choose to eat, the products we buy, and even to the furniture we choose. As the interest in sustainability continues to increase, we’ve put together a few tips to filling your café or bar with furniture that’s kind for the environment.

Where to start?

Before setting out on your eco-friendly furniture search, you’ll need to do a little research. Nowadays, it’s easy to spot sustainable furniture since companies state the source of their materials. To make better informed choices, however, we suggest that you find out more about what the various certificates mean as well as carrying out a little research into the background of the supplier or store, where you’re getting your furniture from.

Buy local

Eco-friendly doesn’t automatically have to mean buying brand new. Using second hand furniture to furnish your café or bar, means less new resources are being utilised. You can always give your furniture a lick of paint or reupholster it, to match the décor or theme of your venue.

Choose recycled materials

The list of recycled materials is expanding. This means you’ll find more furniture being made from materials such as cork, flax, rubber and straw. Once these materials have reached the end of their life span, it’s possible for innovative designers to recycle them into new and exciting types of furniture, helping to avoid the growing amount of landfill waste.

Repair it

People often overlook the durability of quality products. For instance, if a solid oak table can be repaired, then there’s less chance of it ending up in the landfill. As well as lowering your carbon footprint, you’re also saving some extra money by not replacing yet another item of furniture.

What about when you’re finished with your furniture, what should you do?
As you’re well aware trends and tastes come and go, and what you once loved may suddenly not fill you with joy like it used to. That doesn’t mean other people won’t fall in love with it as you did. While it sounds obvious, by recycling your unwanted furniture, it keeps the cycle flowing and helps keep the environment more sustainable.

At Café Furniture Brisbane our sustainably sourced wood products are clearly marked with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) logo to enable you to identify it quickly.