A Brief Look Into How To Choose The Right Bar Stool Height

dry bar stoolsBar stools and chairs are no longer the preserve of your local boozer and instead are becoming more and more popular in café’s and bistros throughout Australia. Why? Because they fall in with the whole ethos of a more social, less formal style of eating and drinking which is again becoming trendy. However, before you rush off to your nearest showroom and spend your hard-earned cash on some stylish looking creations it’s worth noting that bar stools come in a variety of heights, so you need to know which height best fits your needs. In order to help this article gives you a brief look at the different styles and what they’re best used for.

Table height bar stools

Table bar stools fall somewhere between 71 and 76 cm in height and as the name suggests are often used as alternatives to chairs at standard height tables. As a result they can make for a great industrial look when paired with chrome dry bar tables or alternatively a rustic feel when used in conjunction with a smaller bistro-style table.

Counter height bar stools

As the name suggests these stools are the perfect accompaniment to fit under a standard counter top or breakfast bar (100cms) and fall somewhere between 89 and 99cms in height. They come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and materials and can look particularly striking when mixed and matched in a variety of colours.

Bar Stools

On average, common or garden bar stools fall somewhere between 104 and 109cms in height and are designed to fit perfectly under a standard bar. Taller than your average dining chair they either come in their most basic guise with a simple wooden seat with four legs, or alternatively they can be more sophisticated and elegant with cushioned seating, a supportive back rest, a rotating seat and leg rests. If you really want to funk it up, then how about going for polypropylene bar seating in glorious multicolours of sunburst yellows, crimson reds, deep blues and burnt oranges.

Tall bar seating

One of the growing trends that’s hitting bars, restaurants and café’s right now is to make use of seating with differing heights. Tall bar seating certainly takes advantage of this. Usually somewhere between 112 and 120cms in height, tall bar furniture is great paired with old oak barrel tables and placed upon a small terrace area, or grouped together in a defined area of your inside space. They have the ability to give your customers a raised view of the dining space and it’s that bird’s eye view over the other diners and beyond that many customers strangely seem to love.

So there you have it, a brief but in depth insight into how to choose the right bar stool height for your needs. Of course if you’re on the lookout for some new bar furniture then here at Cafe Chairs Melbourne we have a wide selection in an array of styles and materials. What’s more, they’re all at great value for money prices. Why not check out our website further or if you need further assistance, contact us on 07 3205 1616 today.


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