5 Important Things To Consider When Purchasing Café Furniture

cafe furnitureFor any café, having the perfect balance between style, design and ambience is key to having a busy establishment. Get it right and it’s likely to mean increased profits. Get it wrong and you could be just one of many cafés, restaurants, or bistros who fall by the way-side each and every year. Because of this, selecting the right café furniture is absolutely vital. With this in mind, here at 5 things you really need to consider.

Always choose quality furniture

This is s mistake that many establishments make. With a few exceptions, cheaply priced furniture often looks exactly that and in the world of café furniture, you invariably get what you pay for. Furniture that’s flimsy just won’t appeal to customers as much as a well-made piece of furniture would. On the other hand you’ll also have a realistic budget in mind and it’s sensible to keep within these confines. Some great ways of obtaining good quality furniture without the high price tags are to look for end of line stock, scour the papers for café closure sales in your area, or search the internet for websites that sell and ship directly to businesses.

Practicality is key

As with all café furniture, practicality is key. It needs to be strong, durable and if used outside, it must be able to withstand the harsh Australian climate and everything that goes with it. That said, practicality doesn’t necessarily have to mean dull. On the contrary companies such as Werzalit make eye-catching tables that are about as practical as you can get, so do your homework and ask around.

Theme, styling and design

It’s always best to have one distinct theme, style or design running throughout your café as it tends to tie everything in. This might be a colour pallet, a material or composite, a certain period (ie retro, modern-contemporary) or even texture, but whatever it is, always buy with this in mind.

Is it comfortable?

Probably the most vital ingredient in your search for great café furniture is comfort. The chairs you’ve got your eye on may fit perfectly with all the criteria listed above, but if they aren’t comfortable then your cafe-goers aren’t going to hang around for that second cup of espresso, that’s if the decide to hang around at all!. The motto of the story is to always ‘try before you buy‘!

Is it for commercial use?

Sounds silly I know, but always look for café furniture that’s designed specifically for commercial use. In many cases it’s obvious, but if in doubt, then ask. It would be horrible and indeed pretty costly to shell out a small fortune on top quality tables and chairs only to find out that they’re more for domestic usage rather than a commercial one.

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