5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Cafe Furniture From A Commercial Supplier

purchasing from commercial supplierWhether you’re refurbishing your cafe or starting out from scratch you can save yourself a lot of money, time, and hassle if you purchase from a commercial supplier as opposed to a retail outlet? Here’s why…

Lower overheads

Firstly most commercial cafe furniture suppliers don’t operate in expensive retail premises that require heating, lighting, and rental costs. Then of course there’s staff costs to consider. On the contrary, many commercial suppliers use a website as their store front and sometimes a smaller local warehouse. Therefore unlike a retail outlet, commercial suppliers can keep their overheads low. In most cases this saving is passed directly onto the customer, so you end up saving money too. In some cases as much as 60%.

Avoiding the sales tactic

A sales person’s job is clearly to make sales and by definition, they’ll have goals and targets they need to hit. For this reason you might be persuaded to buy a particular type of cafe furniture because it’s on the sales person’s radar, rather than being given specific advice of the right type of cafe furniture to suit your needs. Conversely, when you visit a commercial cafe furniture supplier, they’ll provide you with expert advice and design solutions to make sure that you end up with the right furniture to suit your business needs.

Offer realistic payment options

Because commercial cafe furniture suppliers deal mainly with the hospitality trade they will usually offer a variety of payment options that won’t put immediate pressure on your cash flow. Retailers on the other hand don’t want customers to be tied into lengthy payment options and most will only offer an upfront payment system. This in itself can be quite a strain especially when starting out in business.

Access to the latest designs

Most retailers will only carry a limited amount of cafe furniture stock much of which can be found at many other retailers. This is usually the same type of stock that everyone can get their hands on. Commercial cafe suppliers on the other hand usually work closely with the major designers and manufacturers and are therefore more likely to carry the very latest innovative designs that can make your cafe stand out from the crowd.

Longer stocking of items

Cafe furniture retailers tend to rotate their stock every six months or so to maintain customer interest. That’s all well and good, but what about if you need spare parts 3 or 4 months down the line? Conversely commercial suppliers will always make sure that they have access to older stock so if you suffer any breakages or need replacement parts, they can easily and quickly be replaced.

At Cafe furniture Brisbane we’ve been supplying commercial grade cafe furniture to business owners at seriously competitive for many years. We stock the latest styles and designs from some of the top manufacturers. To find out more check out our website at cafefurniturebrisbane.com.au or come and visit our local Brendale showroom to see what we have to offer first hand.