10 Great Reasons Why Café’s and Freelancers Are A Match Made In Heaven

freelance writer in cafeIf anyone suggested to you ten years ago that people will be basing their offices in café’s you might be forgiven for thinking that they’d already started on the Christmas sherry. However, nowadays the term ‘work from home’ really means ‘working from your local cafe’ as more and more freelancers are choosing to base their businesses here. So just why are freelancers and café’s a match made in heaven? Here are 10 great reasons why?

Non stop coffee

If there’s one thing that gets the creative juices flowing and that’s coffee and lots of it. So what better place to get (hopefully great) coffee on tap than your local cafe.

Valuable thinking time

The walk, drive, cycle to your local cafe can give you valuable thinking time so that you can plan your day, plan your next article or business meeting, or if you’re really good, plan your next year ahead.

Ever changing environment

When you have continual changes going on around you eg, people coming and going, different music, snatches of conversation etc, it can really stimulate you to change your perspective on how you approach a task

Self reward

What better place to be where you can reward yourself with a double chocolate muffin after you’ve knuckled down and got stuff done.

Great for networking

You get all manner of folk in a cafe so if you are looking to make contacts, then there’s no better place to do it.

It’s warm and inviting

Café’s are warm, inviting, and friendly places to work. Most older offices offices are all magnolia walls and brown carpets. Enough said!

You don’t have to sit at the same workspace

If you love change, how depressing is it to sit at the same office desk every day. Well, in a cafe you don’t have to. Result!

Part of a community

Being a work from home freelancer can be a lonely business so it’s great to feel part of a community, even if that community is constantly changing.

Impromptu focus groups

If you ever need opinions on your work then what better place to put together a ready made focus group.

Great place for a business meeting

A cafe is a great place for a business meeting where people feel more relaxed and at ease.

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