FLAT Technology Kirribilli Large (KX30) Table Base

FLAT Technology Kirribilli Large (KX30) Table Base

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With its classic robust design and bold black appearance, this large table base makes easy work of creating a custom café or restaurant table or updating existing tables to create a new look. The rugged cast iron with its matte black finish is suitable for indoor/outdoor use and versatile enough to be paired with a wide variety of colours, patterns, and styles of table top with a maximum size of 1050mm. However, the stand out feature of this table base is hidden from the naked eye, and that’s the FLAT technology contained within. So what is FLAT technology and how does it work?

Puts an end to wobbly tables

There’s nothing more annoying and time wasting than having to level up your café tables by placing folded cardboard beneath the legs to prevent them from wobbling. Indeed there’s nothing more irritating than being a customer unlucky enough to find themselves seated at a precarious wobbly table, after all no one wants to risk ending up with hot coffee on their laps. FLAT technology offers an automatic means of levelling and stabilising tables on any surface as well as a means of aligning several table tops together quickly and easily. Hidden out of sight in the FLAT base are a network of pipes through which hydraulic fluid is pumped. A sensor recognises that the table has been moved and automatically adjusts the table legs to stand level on the surface, and then locks them into place. As far as stability and strength is concerned, FLAT technology such as this is unrivalled. Should the table need to be moved to another position, the legs unlock, level themselves again, and then lock securely back into place. If you want to banish wobbly tables for good, then FLAT table bases are for you.


Cast Iron
Matte Black
Indoor or Outdoor Use
Needs Assembly
Yes. Easy to assemble
Screws included
Height: 720mm

Base Span: 760mm

Weight: 12 kg

Commercial grade
12 month
Max top size / Weight
1050mm square or round / 20 kg

Please note that this base does not come with screws to attach the base to a table top. Screws will have to be purchased by the customer at their own expense.

Revolutionary FLAT® Technology allows for table stability on uneven surfaces

 See the revolutionary technology for yourself!

Please be aware that while utmost care is taken, due to variances among different monitors and operating systems, colours shown may vary slightly in actual appearance.


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