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Here at Cafe Chairs Melbourne we do all we can to ensure our customers benefit from the best possible shopping experience. This includes providing an extensive range of quality café furniture, affordable prices, and outstanding customer service. We hope that you’re pleased with your furniture purchases, and in order to get the very best from them, we’ve put together a few tips relating to general furniture care, which you may find useful. In addition, we also recommend that you read through the furniture warranties, to avoid any possible misunderstandings.


Since commercial furniture can take a bit of a battering from constant use, we recommend that you inspect it on a regular basis in order to achieve maximum longevity and durability. Pay particular attention to areas of stress which include joints, welds, and swivels and check for any missing parts such as bolts, screws, and glides. You should also tighten and lubricate screws and bolts, where necessary.

Should you need replacements

In the event that any parts need replacing you should replace them in the same way, and only use original parts, or you run the risk of invalidating your warranty.

Keep it covered

Unfortunately, in the bright Australian sunshine, any furniture that is left in the open 24/7 is likely to fade even if it is UV protected. Although this slows down the process, it can’t prevent it from happening, no matter how good the quality of the product is. To care for your new furniture we recommend that it’s left covered when you’re not open for business.

Signs of stress

If you notice that any piece of furniture is showing signs of fatigue, then you must notify us and take it out of action right away. If you continue to use this product, then you do so at your own risk, and your actions will invalidate the warranty.


All of our furniture comes with warranties although it’s important to note that they vary in length from one manufacturer to another. For example, both our Specta and Premium café chairs are supplied with a 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee against defective workmanship; whereas our Werzalit table tops have a 2 year guarantee. All our other products are guaranteed for 1 year.

Whatever the length of the manufacturer’s warranty, please be aware that is based on the proviso that they’ve been used in the manner intended, for the period of time.

Although Werzalit and Isotop table tops are weather resistant they are not designed to be left outdoors constantly. Being left out in the elements 24/7 can weaken the tops and cause them to crack or split on the edges and corners. Failure to cover them or store them indoors when you’re closed for business, will cause your warranty to become void.

Under our warranty terms, Cafe Chairs Melbourne reserves the right to replace or repair faulty items, in accordance with the above. Provided the item is returned pre-paid as stated in our terms of business, then the customer will not incur any charges.

Customers are responsible for thoroughly checking a delivery of furniture to ensure that:

  • it meets the relevant specifications and description
  • no parts are missing
  • it is not damaged in any way

Unless we hear to the contrary (and in writing from the customer) within 2 days of the delivery being received, it may result in any claim being rejected.

Should we accept goods back for credit then it is the responsibility of the customer to have the goods re-delivered to the warehouse and to pay for the cost. If any item is faulty or damaged in transit, then we agree to refund the purchase price of the item, less any freight charges that we incur. If  a replacement is required then the customer is responsible for sending the item back to us and paying for the freight cost of the item being replaced.

In cases where we agree to accept the return of goods for credit, exchange, or refund, the credit will endure for a maximum of 12 months from the date the returned goods were sold to the customer. Any such return will be liable to a re-stocking fee, being not less than 25% of the invoice value if the goods.

The customer will at no time be liable for anything more than the cost of the item under the terms of the guarantee. We do however, retain our right to call upon an independent party inspector to visit our factory premises to ascertain the cause of the fault. Once we have the results, we’ll inform the owner of the findings.

Any furniture that has been abused, neglected, misused, or repaired or altered in a manner that has affected its original and intended use, will not be covered under the warranty. In addition, any furniture that has been incorrectly cleaned or come into contact with acid acids or harsh abrasives, will also be excluded from the warranty.

Please be aware that table tops (including Isotop and Werzalit) should never be stacked on top of one another for storage purposes, since this will scratch them and erode the pattern. If a table top is thought to have been stored in this way, then the table top warranty will be voided.

Some table bases are supplied with screws and we advise customers to take care before using them to fix their table tops to their bases. Table tops vary in thickness according to the model type, and should they happen to go right though the top, any damage is excluded from the warranty.

Regardless of whether field repairs have been carried out by pre-approved technicians or non-certified personnel we are unable to reimburse any costs without having given prior approval in writing.

None of the furniture warranties include upholstery whether it has been supplied by us or the customer themselves. However, it’s worth knowing that many upholstery mills provide their own warranties.

We reserve the right to change the colours, dimensions, materials, specifications, and design of products without prior notice, and at any time. We also reserve the right to make such changes without being obliged to provide similar revisions/modifications to products which have been manufactured earlier.


At Cafe Chairs Melbourne we’ve a reputation for selling furniture at extremely competitive prices. For this reason if you can find the same product cheaper elsewhere, then we’re prepared to match the price. Do however, take a note of what this means exactly before asking us to match the price:

All products must be equal or similar in quality

The item that you’ve found must be the same or similar quality in regards to the level of workmanship and the materials used.

Does not include items on sale

For a price match to be agreed, the comparing product has to be advertised at its regular price and not reduced as a sale price or be part of any special offer.

Quotes must be in writing

Any competitive quote must be shown to us in writing and be valid within the last 7 days


At this time we do not give credit or COD’s. However we offer a variety of other terms of payment including cash, credit cards, and company or bank cheques.


We would just like to make our customers aware that every effort is made to depict the colour of our products as accurately as possible on our website. However, colours vary when viewed on one monitor to another, so on some occasions the colour may vary slightly when viewed in the flesh.

Thank you for taking the time to acquaint yourself with our terms of business. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or queries regarding our services or products.

Thanks in advance,

The Cafe Solutions Team